EP.Boldenone is a slow-released, long-acting, very anabolic steroid that will produce significant muscle growth which will be seen
as a slow and constant quality muscle buildup without any noticeable water retention. this trait is often the deciding factor if the
choice is between EP.Boldenone and EP.Deca . EP.Boldenone raises EPO levels and red blood cell count will be increased.
This results in a noticeable better stamina and athletic performance. there is only a slight aromatization and estrongenic side effects
are very rare which makes this a very safe drug to use, even at high doses and for long periods. EP.Boldenone is recommended to be
used for at least 14-16 weeks due to its slow-release action and is typically stacked with EP.Sustanone/EP.Test-E , EP.Tren-H and
Ep.Dbol Another very poupular combo is EP.Boldenone/EP.Test-E and either EP.Anavar or Turinabol which is regarded to be very safe,
with a minimum of stress to the body. this combo will yield great results for both the beginner and advanced user.