is a derivative of Dianabol but very different in effects and side effects. Turinabol was very popular back in the day but disappeared from the Scene many years ago.
Now it is finally back due to demand. and that is with good reason since Turinabal s a very underrated and overlooked steroid. It has good anabolic Droperties and an
extremely low androgenic rating which means just about Zero side effects. Due to its cherical buildup, it cannot aromatize. All the possible estrogenic side offects like
gynecormastia, Water retention and acne do not occur with Turinabol. It mass. The effect of provides a slow but steady quality buildup of lean muscle Turnibol is similar
to Anavar which gives a hard and dy appearance but turinabol is guite a bit more anabolic than Anavar and makes it a better choice as a muscle bulder where Anavar is
considered mostly a cutting drug. Turinabol “scharacteristics of Dianabol without the sides, coupled with the hardening effects of Anavar. Makesit Safe and very effective,
and a useful tool both as a lean mass builder or for getting hard and ipped. It’s the choice for those who want Anavar. but with more buildup of lean muscle mass. Turinabol
affects the systematic SHBG’s binding to other steroids, which will free up more bound testosterone for the body to use.Therefore it is with great benefit and highly
recommended to stack Turinabol with other steroids as opposed to using it alone. Should be stacked with testosterone and will be a great addition to any injectable cycle.